smallandpretty (smallandpretty) wrote in bad_service,

 I thought I would add to the "on-campus medical care" snark. This isn't as bad as some, but its pissed me off somewhat.

As a bit of background, I have asthma (and have done since I was young) and also have a tendancy to chest infections. As such, I can generally tell when things are heading in a not so pleasant direction, and I took the 3 attacks in less than a month (of not too great severity) as a bit of an indicator, so off to the doctors I toddle...

I am informed that actually, I don't have asthma. No, really. It's all in my head. 
My peak flow is down from about 430 to closer to the 300 mark, but thats still okay. 
My cough might be on my chest, she can't tell, but its nothing to worry about.

...okay then. I think I might go back to my old doctor, thanks.
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