The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in bad_service,
The Ninja

Ew Ruby Tuesdays, just.. ew!

I went out to dinner last night with a couple friend's of mine. Along with the two friends was a boy I watch from time to time named Jacob. He is autistic but fairly easy to handle.
We were seating by the doors to the kitchen, this is important.
Jacob and I both decided on the salad bar and we went up to get our food. He asked me what one of the macaroni salads was and I suggested he take a little bit to try it. Instead of putting it on his plate, he stuck the serving spoon into his mouth. He didn't like it and proceeded to spit it back into the container.
I quickly grabbed the container and looked around for someone. The closest person that worked there was the guy sitting people. I explained what happened and held out the container to him. Instead of taking it he said, "So? Not my problem." and walked away!
OK even if he personally couldn't take care of it, would it have been that hard to find someone? I end up bothering a waitress and tell her what happened. She makes a face, grabs the container and hurries away. No thank your or anything, but whatever, at least she took it!
Later, the waitress is talking to our waitress just outside the kitchen doors. While I didn't hear everything they said, it was clear they were complaining about me handing the girl the container and how it wasn't her job. So it's OK to let other customers eat from a container that had food spit back into it just because it's not your job?
I've seen kids lick their fingers and then touch food on buffets before. I was starting to worry about the quality of my salad.
I then hear from our waitress, "Gross you touched that retards drool!"
Because autism is apparently transmitted through drool now.
When we got our check my friend put the money behind our ticket and wrote on the ticket, "This and your money touched by a retard's drool."
Jacob laughed about it the whole way home.
I would have personally loved to see her face when she opened up the book to see that, even if it was childish.
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