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Oldie, but a goodie

scarlett75 reminded me of a bad doctor/pharm story. I have ADHD. I take Adderall, which is an amphetamine a.k.a. SPEED. So while it doesn't impair my functioning, it can get you non-ADHD people pretty damn high, and for this reason is a Class C controlled substance. Pharmacists don't play around with this stuff because they know good and well why there are laws against giving SAD's to anyone without a prescription.

I have been taking it for years now, and not only does the doctor's oldest receptionist know my voice over the phone, she knows my prescription by heart and every month, I call her, she tells the doctor that I need a prescription written out, and she mails it to my home address. This is the ONLY way I can legally get my medication without actually driving all the way across town to see the doctor. (Our health insurance is not very widely accepted, so we have to go a bit out of the way, but we don't mind because he's a good doctor and well worth the drive.)

A couple years ago, the doctor's office hired a second receptionist. She was inexperienced, but you'd think certain subjects would be discussed with new hires at a doctor's office:

"Hello, this is goth_is_not_emo, I need a prescription sent to my home address for this month."

"All right, what's the medication?"

"Adderall, [strength], one a day. It should be listed in my records."

"OK, what's the number for your pharmacy?" (!!!)

"I'm sorry, you can't call that in--it's a controlled substance. You'll have to mail me a prescription on paper." (So far, no real suck here--Adderall wasn't a very well-known drug yet at this point, so she would have no reason to know it's a controlled substance.)

"All right, goth_is_not_emo, that's [repeats prescription back as she writes it down]. How many refills?" (Danger, Mr. Robinson, DANGER!!)

" can't get refills on a controlled substance."

When I got the prescription, the pharmacist couldn't take it because Ms. Dipshit had written "Refillx1" in the corner. Thanks so much, now I have to call back and get another scrip because you don't want to take a minimal effort to learn what is and is not legal! WTF DID YOU THINK "NO REFILLS, IT'S A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE" MEANT?

I was not at all surprised to find that the new receptionist was gone by my next appointment.
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