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McDonald's in Vail sucks!

My fiance and I were making the two hour drive to Denver from our house in Minturn. The nearest town that has a drive-through breakfast is Vail, with a McDonald's. If either my fiance or I eat fast food, it's at the McDonald's inside the Walmart two towns west of ours. So, I'm driving, it's snowing, and we're both hungry. We head through the drive-through, and we order an egg mcmuffin meal, and bacon bagel meal, and a sausage mcmuffin. We pull up to the window, pay, and drive off, as we are late.

I ask my fiance for a hash brown, and I munch on it as I'm driving. Then, a bit farther down the road, I ask for my bacon bagel. He dig around, and makes a disgusted noise. He starts pulling food out of the bag. There's three egg mcmuffins, a sausage egg mcmuffin, and one hashbrown. So, we have two extra egg mcmuffins, and no bacon bagel. I can't stand mcmuffins, so I turn around and drive back to the Vail McDonald's. It's takes almost 15 minutes, and we head inside with all of the food and our receipt.

We stand in line, and when it's our turn, we explain what we ordered, and showed the clerk what we paid for. As we're going over the receipt line by line, I notice that we were charged for an egg mcmuffin meal, and an extra egg mcmuffin, which was $2.89. McDonald's is running a promo where you get a sausage mcmuffin for $1 when you've purchased a value meal. I point that out, and ask for a $1.89 back out of principle. The manager comes over, takes all the food out of the bag and she puts it back on the line.

"Ugh, you're not giving that food out, are you?" I ask her.

"Well, it's not yours, and you didn't pay for it, so you can't have it," the manager says. "If you want it, you need to pay for them."

"It's not that I want those," I tell her, "but that's unsanitary! We had the food for over fifteen minutes out of the restaraunt."

"Well, if you want to keep those extra muffins, you need to pay for them."

My fiance watched the whole thing, and turns around, and tells the people waiting in line not to order egg mcmuffins or sausage mcmuffins today, and tells them why. People get disgusted, and some of them leave. The manager became furious with us, and blames us for losing her business. She gives us a freshly made bacon bagel, one egg mcmuffin, and one sausage mcmuffin. I asked for the hashbrown we were owed.

"You already ate it," she said.

"No, we paid for two meals, and I ate one. We still need one hashbrown," I tell her.

"Quit trying to steal food! Get out!" She said it fairly calmly.

When I asked for my refund on the egg mcmuffin, she snarled that I had already ruined her morning, she wasn't paying us for it. I grabbed a comment card, and we left.

My fiance is completely furious. His face is red, and he opened the bag up. His egg mcmuffin is stone cold, and the sausage mcmuffin is missing one of the buns. We ended up throwing all his food away, but I ate my bagel. We ended up paying $15 for a bacon bagel meal, and one extra soda.</lj>

We're planning on mailing our receipt in with the comment card.
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