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school health centers really are terrible...

When I was a freshman, I had a really terrible cough for a long time. this happens to me a lot, but it just wasn't getting better. I went to the health center and after a quick exam, the nurse practitioner or whatever told me that I had a different form of asthma that didn't include sudden attacks, but that acted up every time I had any respiratory inflammation or anything. so she wrote me a prescription for an inhaler, with refills, to use 3x/day when I was coughing like that.

The prescription had 3 refills, and I very rarely need to use it, so I managed to make it until junior year without needing another inhaler. I refilled once because it expired, and then the prescription time expired a little while before I needed a new one. Even then, I just needed it because I lost mine. I wasn't currently using it, but I always like to have one just in case.

a different health center employee examined me, which was silly but they insisted. She was concerned about the fact that an inhaler could raise my blood pressure or something if I used it improperly. I acknowledged that this was true, but told her that I rarely use it, and I only need it occasionally, so I didn't think it would be a problem. I was also going to a study away program in another state in a month or two with no health center where I wouldn't know any doctors, so it was important that I get it before I left.

she refused to give it to me. Why? because I was not presently exhibiting any signs of asthma.

nevermind the fact that someone in that facility diagnosed me and provided my inhaler. nevermind the fact that she *admitted* that she believed I had it and needed an inhaler. she just "didn't feel comfortable" prescribing it.
my mom called my old pediatrician(I don't have a grownup doctor yet..) who called in a prescription with refills without even seeing me. apparently she believes a 20 year old can tell when she needs an inhaler.
I mean..what the hell? are inhalers recreational drugs now? as if anyone would *want* to use the nasty tasting things if they didn't have to.
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