bluesforgotten (bluesforgotten) wrote in bad_service,

Oh Tumbleweed

A couple weeks ago, 20 or so of my friends went to Tumbleweed to celebrate 2 friends' birthdays. 20 18-year-olds is not really something any server wants to see...but there is no excuse for what happened.

We got there and put our name in at 7. They said it would be about 1 or 1.5 hours to be seated, which we were completely cool with. We knew there would be a wait, and we were fine with it.

However, 9 o'clock rolls around, and our name has yet to be called. So, my friend walks up to the hostess station and asks about how much longer it would be, and the hostess said, "Oh? You haven't been seated?". Niiice.

About 15 minutes later, we get called. We are led to the back of the restaurant, where large groups are often put, and there was already a large group at a long table in the area. We see that our group is divided between 2 booths and a long table...which sucks after waiting that long and not being able to sit together for our friends' birthdays. But, the restaurant couldn't help that there was another large group already there, so whatever.

I sat at the long table, and after about 20 minutes, we look over to see that our friends at the booths not only already had drinks, but had queso, salsa, and chips, and had placed their meal orders. My table, on the other hand, had yet to even be approached by a waiter or waitress.

So, a friend calls over the waiter working the booths, and tells him that we don't have a waiter yet. He said he'd go talk to the manager and get it worked out.

15 minutes pass, and the manager finally appears. She makes the excuse that she thought we were with the long table that was seated when we arrived...which is ridiculous because they had their food and we clearly didn't even have drinks. So, she says she'll get us some drinks and "find us a waiter". Awesome.

So, she takes our drink orders as the booths get their meals. Another 10 minutes pass and we order queso and chips. We said we were ready to order our meals, but the manager said we would have to wait for our "real" waiter to order. What?? So, we then say, is there any way we can get a discount on our check? We have been here for a couple hours including wait time, and now the other half of our group will be done before us. She says she would have to check with our real waiter, when he appeared. She's the manager, but, you know, why not consult the wait staff for such a decision??

Then, the real waiter appears. He is completely awesome, gives us free queso, drinks are always full, food comes out at a reasonable time, and he rocks. Then...time for the checks. Evidently, although he said we got free queso, the manager had to OK it on the computer. And, like before, the manager was nowhere to be found. 

Finally, she reappears as the booths have paid and are ready to leave. She OKs the free queso on the computer (at a value of what, $5 to the company when our table probably spent $300?? Great. Thanks lady.), and prints the checks. At 11:30, the long table was finally given our change and sent on our way...never to return to this particular Tumbleweed again.

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