K A Z M (tekan) wrote in bad_service,

An old McD's story

This was about two years ago when I was on a trip from Virginia to Alabama.


My then boyfriend and I stopped for lunch after about 5 hours in the car at a fairly nice looking McDonald's. It was after the official lunch hour, but still rather busy. We both order some type of chicken sandwich meals with a few alterations.

First window we pay, second window we sit for about 5 minutes then the girl working there tries giving us the wrong order. She takes our receipt, gives us our drinks, and tells us to pull into the spot right in front and they'll bring our food out.

Seemed kinda strange at the time, but whatever. He pulls into the front spot and we wait. And wait. About 10 or 15 cars later, he goes in to check. The workers were confused, they had no idea. The manager comes over and hears the story and goes to talk to the girl at the window and guess what? She had our food STASHED UNDER THE LEDGE. It was our exact order and she had taken two bites out of his sandwich.

There was a great deal of gesturing and we got our food promptly with free apple pies thrown in. He didn't want to ask for his money back, too much hassle, but the manager was very upset about it. 

Did she really think we'd just drive away and forget we didn't get our food?-
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