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Dear CVS managers.

Please hire ENGLISH speaking cashiers


I go in to CVS to get some smokes and it takes me 10 minuets because the cashier speaks maybe 5 words of English.
Me- "what's your cheapest brand of cigarettes?"
lady- *blank stare*
Me- "HELLO?"
lady- "yes?"
Me- "Cheapest brand of cigarettes?"
Lady- "here" *hands me a pack*
Me- "Eh I'll shell out the money for Winston 100s"
Lady *gives me pack of winston lites*
Me- "No, not lites, regulars"
Lady- *gives me lite non-100 brand*
Me- *sigh* Winston 100s, the kind with the red pack."
Lady- *gives me one pack of winston 100s and one pack of the generic brand*
Me- *still trying very hard to be patient* "Two packs of winston 100s"
Lady- *blank stare*
Me- *pulls half empty pack out of her purse and shows cashier* "two packs that look like this."
Lady- "that's almost empty."
Me- "Yes that's why I need 2 more packs."
Lady- *finally gets them and rings them up etc*
Me- "thank you." *gives her money and starts to leave*
Lady- "you need ID! ID ID ID!!!" *flails arms*
Me- *irritated because my sister was in the car waiting for me* "here" *hands her ID*
Lady- "scrutinizes it for about 5 minuets* "okay"

Lady, if it's not your first day there is no reason for you to be this stupid.

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