mirror_and_clothing (tesyra) wrote in bad_service,

More bummed than angry

When I moved to my city three years ago, I was driving home and stopped at this sports bar about a minute from my house that I'll call "The House."  I wanted a beer and was hungry so I'd figured I'd get a greasy sandwich or something.

It turns out that this was a great restaurant, music venue, and one of the few places in town with my favorite beer (Harp yay!) on tap.  Over the past three years, I've made and spent close time with many friends through The House, I've celebrated birthdays, New Years', and congratulations parties there.  I got really into soccer because they highlight it on their bigscreens.  All of the dating I've done since I moved here was somehow involved through The House.  It's insane.  This summer I would go there three or four times a week either with friends or by myself.  The food is SO GOOD.

The best part about The House has always been their service until now.  Well, actually until about a couple of months ago.  A few of the staff (who had become more than bartender friends-- you know how that works) had graduated and were moving out of state.  They had new people come in.  One of the new girls, I've seen there about three times.  Last week was the last.

The first two times we came in, we sat at a table for a pretty significant amount of time.  ***Quick disclaimer: my friends and I are customers_suck folks, we all work in the industry and we love other service people*** We see this girl (I'll call her "Jill"--I don't know) casually windexing and wiping down the table next to us.  We sit.  She looks at us.  Walks away.  While she's standing watching music, a waiter rushes by and says, "have you been helped yet?"  And we're like, "nah" and he says, "someone will be right with you."  We're all "great thanks!"  This guy is also one of the new staff.  One night he gave us the wrong drinks and when we told him, he said, "well, I didn't pour them" and we thought that was so funny we were just like, whatever f- it.  Then a few days later he gave us shit for moving from the bar to a table in the bar.  He kept saying that the next time we came in, we just need to "ask for him" and he'll seat us at one of his tables.  It was weird.

Anyway so back to Jill.  Eventually she comes up, still watching the band and not looking our way as she asked for drinks.  Whatever, I don't care about that.  It's just that she couldn't hear us.  Then she got nasty because we had to repeat ourselves.  She never came back after that first drink and we paid at the bar, left 20% tip.

Last week my best friend and I went to eat a late lunch.  The bar was nearly empty except for some older guys (we're 20's females).  Jill was the bartender/server.  She eventually came up and asked us what we wanted.  My friend and I were all "hey how ya doin!  Can we get... please?"  Again she looked away from us as we spoke.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'm emitting some offensive odor.  She got our order completely wrong, ignored our empty drinks, never said thank you even after we said it, and in general was a major bitch.  My friend and I are like, "christ on crutches wth" and I say, "maybe her dog died."  Then we observe how she's sweetness and light with the guys, making eye contact and asking them repeatedly if they need anything.

I said to my friend, "what should I do?  I can't not leave a tip."  She said, "leave her a penny."  I said, "no.  I'll write a note."  So I left 20% on the credit card tip and wrote "what happened to the service at The House?"  And circled it in a little cloud with a sad face and raindrop tears running down from it.

And so I'm never going back:(

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