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Ah, Denny's...

 I have seriously never heard of a restaurant doing this EVER... if this is anyone's policy, please let me know, but I think it's absolutely ludicrous.

We were at a Denny's in Thousand Oaks, CA...  The waitress seemed really nice, took our orders down, etc.  My sister asked for the French Toast Slam which comes with two pieces of french toast, eggs, and two pieces each of bacon and sausage.  My sister asked for scrambled eggs and wanted to substitute two more pieces of bacon for her sausage.  Waitress says no problem.

So she brings us our drinks... they put my youngest sister's drink in a rocketship cup... which was cute, yeah, but also an extra charge that we never asked for.  We didn't say anything though, b/c it wasn't a huge deal and I've worked in the customer service industry in the past... I know how frustrating it can get.

But then our food arrived.  There was already a problem because my sister's food had two pieces each of bacon and sausage.  And no eggs in sight.

Sister:  Are the eggs on the way?
Waitress:  What eggs?
Sister:  The eggs that are supposed to come with my french toast?
Waitress:  The french toast platter doesn't come with eggs.
Sister:  I ordered the French Toast Slam... which comes with eggs.
Waitress:  No you didn't.
Sister:  Uh, yes I did.  You ASKED me how I wanted my eggs.  I said SCRAMBLED.
Waitress:  Uh... I'll tell them to make some.

So we wait for a few minutes and we all start eating, my sister starts on her french toast.  Then the waitress stomps back out and slams an empty plate on our table.  Everyone at the table is just O_o

Waitress:  I need one of the pieces of french toast back.
Sister:  What?
Waitress:  The French Toast SLAM only comes with two pieces of french toast.  I gave you three.
Sister:  Are you serious?  
Waitress:  I need one of the pieces of french toast back.

We sat there flabbergasted as my sister put a piece of her (already buttered and syrupped) french toast on the empty plate.  Dude.  WTF were they even going to do with it?  Serve it to someone else??  She ROYALLY messed up my sister's order... they should have been comping us for her meal, not taking part of it away.  You can bet your asses that she didn't get a tip.

I have had rude servers before... but never one this spiteful and flat-out stupid.
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