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So my sister cancelled her cell phone, so she could transfer to another provider... Except then she was told that the phone had to be activated to get a deal and whatever...

So we went down to Fido to have her phone reactivated and this is how it went...
MS: Ma sis
FB: Fucking Bitch
Me: Party like its ma birfday... Cause it was

MS: My phone was deactivated this morning, but I need to reactivate it to switch companies... (Her first mistake) Is there any way you can do that? (Keeping in mind that my sister paid her bill last week, and doesn't have to pay another one until the 29th... Meaning if she requested that the phone be reactivated, then they'd have to do it... At least, that's what she was told when she first got the phone...)
FB: No.
MS: But I was told-
FB: You can't... There's no way I can do that for you...
MS: But I paid my bill, its my phone until-
FB: I won't do it for you... I can't...
MS: Is there anyway to get it reactivated?
FB: Buy a new sim card...
Ms: And how much is that?
FB: $25
So my sister buys a new sim card and then asks if she'll be able to make calls on it, and the bitch goes, "Who do you have to call?" Like its any of your fucking business... Seriously... Anyway, she ended up having to buy a $10 phone card... Then the lady threw out all her info, cause my sister said she wouldn't need it... The lady neglected to tell her that to add the time onto her phone, she needed the information on the sheet... So I had to go back and get it from her... This is what I encountered when I went back...
FB= Still the fucking bitch
DC= Disgruntled customers

FB: So WHAT exactly is wrong with it?
DC: We can't hear when people are talking... They can barely hear us talking... We were told that we could bring it back and exchange it if it didn't work...
FB: *as if talking to a mentally challenged person* For the SAME phone... You can't switch it for a different one...
-They have the most expensive one there, I don't see the big deal-
DC: Our warranty says-
FB: It doesn't matter what your warrenty says, I can't do it... I'd be risking my job... And I'm not doing that just so you can have a phone... (And the she recognizes me and this goes on...)

FB: *exasperated sigh* WHAT do you want?
Me: It says I need a code to get through on this...
FB: She said she didn't need anything... *throws piece of paper at me*
Me: Maybe you should have told her that she needed that piece of paper...*snatches paper and storms away*

Then we were walking to the food court and she glared at us as we walked by and glared at the Telus bag... She was SO rude... I admit that I can be totally bitchy to customers, but she was just beyond rude...

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