Ms. Candy (ubiquitous_me) wrote in bad_service,
Ms. Candy

Paypal---Desperate for Help!

I tried to log in to my paypal account (after maybe 7 years of non-use) and recieved and error message which suggested I enable cookies. After followingf directions and enabling all first party (and third party) cookies, I still recieved the error message. When I clicked on "contact us" I got a menu that asked me to submit my login info or just continue. No matter what I did, the same error message popped up again! When I went to the help page, both the e-mail and phone links redirected me to---THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE!

I need to talk to someone at Paypal in the next 24 hours. Does ANYONE know the phone number or e-mail for customer service? HELP!!!!!
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