Don't cry for me. I'm already dead. (morbidfantasy25) wrote in bad_service,
Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

First post, too

Hello everyone. I am new here. Now, I work in retail so I know how hard it is to be nice to annoying customers who nitpick and are unreasonable, but I also know the difference between that and and an annoying worker. One night my brother and I went to a White Castle far from our house. We were incredibly hungry and it was late at night and that was the only place available. White Castle isn't my favorite, but it'll do in a pinch.

So instead of going through the drive-thru like we thought to do at first, we go inside, order food and wait patiently for it. This girl comes out from behind the register and sees a mess some people left for her, (It wasn't THAT bad) and knowing there are customers there, she starts shouting very loudly, F**KING PEOPLE!! I DON'T WANNA CLEAN THIS SHIT UP!!! Now knowing what  she is going through, I let her have it, because I feel the same way at times (although I will NEVER do that in front of customers, I know better). So it would have been fine had she left it at the screaming and cursing, but she goes to move a chair, picks it up and slams it on the ground. Does the same with all the tables she's moving. I mean the girl was acting like a psycho! Then she goes to her co-workers and starts ranting to them about how she has to clean it up. Her co-workers all seemed like nice people and didn't answer her, how could they with me and my brother there? Complain about customers all you want just make sure there are none there to hear it.

Had I been anyone else, I am certain she would have been fired for her language and outrage or at least written up.

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