Turn My Lips Blue (cocacola_sorrow) wrote in bad_service,
Turn My Lips Blue

Gloria Jeans

This is not so much bad_service by any means, more "less haste more speed" service? Anyhow, on with the show...

I frequently visit a Gloria Jeans coffee shop near my University; for those non-Australians, Gloria Jeans is virtually identical to Starbucks, except that it is Australian and owned and (in my opinion) makes better drinks.

I tend to go this Gloria Jeans about 4-5 times and everytime I order the same drink: a large skim milk hot chocolate with extra froth, after which the register jockey will ask me "Do you want marshmallows?" to which I always reply "no thanks, no marshmallows". However, on three separate occasions I have had marshmallows in my drink. The staff always remake it for me but still...

Anyway, this morning I went to GJ again to order breakfast- a toasted plain bagel with cream cheese- $3.50, however this morning she charged me (or so I thought) $3.75. I thought this was weird but hey! Prices rise. What did I get however? A toasted croissant with cream cheese. Once again, they remake my order but charge me an additional 75c, claiming they only charged me $2.75.... I swear I paid $3.75, but whatever I was out of it.

My question is, if they make a mistake when I order something, should I have to pay the difference?

The moral of the story is: Gloria Jeans, you make great drinks but less haste, more speed
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