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The "Bell" stands for Incompetent!

Sometimes I just don't know why I keep going to this one Taco Bell. It's much closer than the next one, and it was really great when I first started going. It's gone from occasionally bad to consistently awful. The following is the story tonight's experience.

I had just gotten home from a late day at work and wanted something fast. I conceded that the local Taco Bell wouldn't be the worst idea, and at least it would be pretty cheap. One out of two ain't bad.

I've gotten used to the fact that the cashiers never (and I mean NEVER) know the sequence for the Grande Soft Taco (seriously, the most cost-effective item on the menu). I was watching the guys on the line assemble various items waiting for my order to come out; what else was I to do? I saw them make a couple of salads, an order of the specialty nachos. Then I heard the first guy mention grandes. I figured mine was up next. Unfortunately, what they made were not my GSTs. Instead of nacho cheese, there were beans in between the tortillas. They put sour cream and tomatoes on them (I absolutely hate sour cream and am actually allergic to tomatoes). A black shirt was there supervising and grabbed the three ??? tacos and dropped them in a bag and read out my order number.

I didn't need to open the bag to know that my order was wrong, and I said as much. The golden rule (customer is always right) was for naught as I had to open a taco wrapper and show the black shirt that the taco was not assembled properly. She called back to the first guy about the items, but he claimed that he made GSTs fully to spec then started the next order in queue. Only after that order was complete did they concede and remake my order correctly. After the tacos were topped and wrapped, they were thrust violently into a bag and the bag tossed (from the bagging station) to the counter. They didn't apologize, or even look in my direction for that matter. At least I got my food and got out of there.

But why do I go back there? The convenience factor had outweighed the cost of simply horrid service, but I don't think that is still the case.

NOTE: A couple of folks have pointed out that the so-called "golden rule" is utter hogswallop and they are quite correct. For the record, the phrase was not invoked during the exchange and used only as a reference to the fact that the restaurant staff refused to believe that I knew a) what was in the items I received, and b) what was supposed to be in the items I ordered.
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