kyalesyin (kyalesyin) wrote in bad_service,

Bad hotel

I'd recomend not using a Britannia Hotel. Especially not the one on New Street, Birmingham.

For starters, it said on the website it was 'fully accesable'. This is important, since my wife walks with a stick and needs to be able to get around. What do we find out when we get there? It had shiny marble floors in the lobby. Why do places advertise themselves as 'fully accesable' and then have shiny floors so that its impossible to use a stick on them? The fire doors in the upstairs corridors were so heavy that it took both of us to move one of them. If it had been just my wife on her own, she'd have been in trouble.

What was really wrong with the hotel though was that they seemed to have almost no staff, no idea what they were doing, and they didn't give a damn. The information on the website was outdated- we found out when we got that there they were doing refurbishment and there was nothing anywhere on the website to indicate that. Advertised services were not available and nobosy answered the phone, anywhere when we tried to get dinner.

Checking in took for-facking-ever because there was nobody at the desk, and not even a call bell so that we could let someone know we were there. There was a phone ringing in the office that was ringing when we got there and still ringing when they'd finished checking us in. Later on, that ringing phone was us.

We decided that since there were a few gluten-free items on the hotel menu [another necessity and something we checked beforehand] and we didn't want to go out after traveling for five hours, we'd order room service and eat in. Tried to call room service a couple of times, and there was no answer- the phone just kept ringing. The longest I waited on the line was five minutes. Interestingly, the number for room service was the same ext number as the number for the reastaurant, which didn't open for another few hours, even though room service was advertised as being from 9AM to 11PM. So, I called the reception desk and asked them to put me through. It took reception ten minutes, but eventually someone did pick up and connected me.

The phone got picked up in the bar. The response from the guy at the bar when I asked about room service? "Yeah, we do the room service from here, but we're not doing it now, its not gonna be on for a while." When I asked him how we were going to get something to eat, since room service was advertised as being all day, his response was "Not my problem. I don't know when we're supposed to be doing it." And he then hung up.

As well as that, there were no tea/coffee making facilities in the room at all- no cups or teabags or anything else. We found the kettle, eventually- stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, covered in dust and cracked. There were no large towels provided, only hand towels. The fixtures were rusty, and there was only half a roll of toilet paper. Bags of rubbish were stacked up in the hallways for the whole time we were there and didn't get moved.

There was no feedback or complaints form available, so we're writing a nice, angry letter. Given that they were charging £150 a night for a double room, I think we were severely overcharged.

Not using a Britannia hotel ever again. Luckily, we were right in the centre of Birmingham, so we didn't have to go to far to find somewhere to eat.
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