Arazia (arazia) wrote in bad_service,


I felt the need to share this story. Every now and again, I go to a McDonalds at the local train station. I've had a tooth ache, so I thought some nice mooshy mc-donalds burgers would be better than the hard sandwich I packed. So, I go into the McD's and of course, there's this horde of cashiers during the lunch rush, all trying to get the attention of the 50-some odd people waiting for food.

RCRL: Random Cashier Runner Lady
RCL: Random Cashier Lady
Me: Hungry,Tooth-ache girl

RCL: Can I help you?
Me: *weaves through people waiting* Yes, I'll have a number 2 (2 cheeseburger meal) with a diet coke.
RCL: *heavy spanish accent* A number 3 with a coke?
Me: -NO- *raises voice just to make sure I can be heard properly* A number -2- with a -diet coke-.
RCL: Okay! That's $4.--.

Can you guess what meal I actually got? *sighs and looks down at her lunch and grumbles*
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