Caroline (silentsymphonie) wrote in bad_service,


Okay, just some mild bad service from this weekend.

I'm still in school, and Saturday night was the homecoming dance.

So twenty-five of my closest friends and I went to this new restaurant that just opened up in town. I understand that twenty-five people is a large party, but we were all split up into seperate tables, about six to a table, and each table had a different waitress or waiter.

Well the dance started at 8, and you have to be in by 9 because of school policy. Well we got there at 7 and the dinner had been fine and service had been good for the whole time we had been there until we asked for the check, around 8:30. My friend A owed me some money, so we put both our meals on one check, and then my other friends' meals on two other checks. So three checks in all. The waitress brings us our receipt and leaves. It turns out that she had put my drinks onto the wrong check. Fine, we're in a hurry to leave so we don't say anything.

Well the waitress goes to the table right next to us (most of our party had left by this point) and proceeds to have a fifteen minute conversation with the table next to us. Keep in mind she hasn't taken our checks up yet, and my friend had to pay with a card. 15 minutes to get to the dance and we flag down another waiter, and ask him if he can take care of it for us. Of course he can't because he wasn't our waiter. He finally gets the waitress to take our checks, but she doesn't even apologize for the delay.

I know it's not huge, and we still made it to the dance (barely on time), but it was pretty annoying.
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