confessions of a bathrobe werewolf (die_monster) wrote in bad_service,
confessions of a bathrobe werewolf

Dear "Dude",

I liked you. I thought you were a pretty cool "Dude", and I laughed that your nametag actually said Dude. You brought us drinks on time, you were nice when I asked, after ordering, if I could tack on coffee to my order, you gave good service and we didn't run you ragged fetching refills or anything. Hell, someone else even took care of our table part of the time, not you, despite the fact that is was...what, one in the morning? Not very busy. So why did you help yourself to an 18% tip from my friend's change? Did you suspect us of being cheapskates? We would probably have tipped 20% voluntarily, you know. But guess how much we'll tip you next time? I know about the group-order gratuity, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to two person orders. Sorry.
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