Karen (bodylotion) wrote in bad_service,

My son has an excellent pediatrician. Really, I love the guy. Unfortunately his office staff leaves much to be desired. I don't know why it's so difficult to charge the right insurance company when a patients insurance changes, but it seems to a problem for every doctor I have ever had. In fact, I expect it to happen now, and would be surprised if it didn't happen in the future. It happening once is no longer bad service to me. It happening 6 times, without a phone call to me about any problems after several months, is bad service.

When my son was born, we were under insurance company A. Newborns pretty much visit the doctor every month for the first year if you're following a typical vax schedule. At one point a couple months after my son was born, my husbands company switched everyone over to insurance company B. I was fine with this, as the pediatrician took both. I gave his receptionist the new info, and everything seemed good. As stated above, I expected a screw up for the first visit. Low and behold, I heard nothing. Got no bills, got no calls and no one said anything to me during visits after. I am pleasantly surprised and go on with my life.

6 months, and 6 well baby visits later, I get a bill from his office for around $600. WTF? I call them up and the receptionist says we are no longer insured with the company A. Well, okay, I know that. We're now with company B and I thought they had that info. It ended up that they did, and they said they'll charge company B. I heard nothing for the next three months.

At the end of three months, I got the same bill, from the same 6 visits again. It also came with a lovely threatening letter. Oh joy! I call them up, and ask why they are still trying to charge company A. They say they're not, and that the last 2 visits were charged to company B. I ask about the 6 before that, and they say it's now past the 6 month mark to charge an insurance company for them. We are now responsible for them. I ask how that is, since they screwed up and didn't notify us until it was too late to fix it. They explained that they're willing to work out a payment plan, and I basically hung up on them.

Since hubby is the primary account holder for the insurance plan, I have him call them. He explains the situation, and they explain their 6 month policy. They tell him the doctor's office is now responsible for the first three months that they will not cover, and that they will pay the rest. Hubby calls the doctors office, and they agree to send the last three outstanding months seperately to the insurance company, but we still have to pay for the first three. When asked why they didn't call us, or send a bill the first time they got turned down, they were unable to answer us. For that, we got $100 off the remaining $300 bill.
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