Amber (amberskie) wrote in bad_service,

Not Horrible Service or maybe not considered a service

My son goes to daycare.  The earlies I can drop him off is 7am.  It this unreasonable for me to expect someone to be there at 7?   It's so frustrating when I have to wait for the morning teacher to arrive, get her stuff together, and make it to the "big" room where all the kids go until class starts.  I was almost last for work this morning when she didn't arrive until after 7.  And I totally understand that sometimes you just run late and Monday's can be hard but this happens at least 3 times a week.  I would think that the morning teacher should be  there a few minutes before 7 so she/he can get ready for the kids.

I am I being unreasonable here?

I'm going to stop in this week actually talk to the director.  I know they recently switched the teacher who opens because she was frequently late.  I know it's just a few minutes but those are very precious minutes to me since I have a long way to go for work.  Thanks for your input!
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