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Amazon get your act together!

Okay, this actually happened about a year ago, but I remember it now thanks to the Victoria Secret post below.

Early August I ordered a couple of DS games from Given these are both hard to find games, I was surprised to find that one of these games was in stock, and the second was due in a week latter.

So I order both, and there was a mix up. This first part, I admit was my fault. I changed my address from my hotmail to another email address, and inverted two letters in my email address. Frustrating thing? The site didn't validate the new (Non-working) email address! So I found out about two days latter this mix up had happened.

My invoice had been sent to my hotmail address, so I had that. Reading though it I found out my order would ship in...


Now I did get free shipping, but I was pissed. I KNEW game a was supposed to be in stock, and game b was due out in a week. Why was I waiting almost 3 MONTHS for a shipment? First email doesn't work, due to the afor mentioned screwup on my part.

So after I get the address fixed, I write them again. I asked WHY my items weren't shipping until October, when according to your site the second game was in in a week, and the first was in stock. Got told they didn't know, they'd check it out.

So I waited a week, then emailed again, asking the SAME question. Since game b was now in stock, and game a was in stock, BUT my order hadn't shipped. I also said I was going away at the start of Oct, and had ordered these games for my flight.

Get a reply to phone them about the problem.

Okay, so I figure no big deal a minor account issue, right? WRONG! The guy says 'Oh the problem is that game a is out of stock.'
I ask him then why:

A) The site STILL says game a is in stock ready for next day shipping (THREE WEEKS after my order)
B) I had to CALL them to get told this.

He says he doesn't know.

I then ask what will happen if they run out of copies of game b before the restock of game a at the end of October. His response? They'll put a copy of b aside for me.

WTF? I admit I lost it here. I pointed out that the site had said Game A was in stock WHEN I ORDERED IT! Further more, game a was STILL in stock according to the site, ALMOST 3 WEEKS after I ordered it! He said he didn't know, it was a website glitch. I then ask if I can get the games shipped seperatly since I had been promised delivery over a week earlier. He says no, not with the free shipping.

I admit I lost it will him, but Amazon was just jerking me around by that point, and I mentioned canceling the order, since a local store was going to get game a in stock shortly, AND they had game b in stock now. But I wasn't certain. Then the call ended.

The only redeeming thing Amazon did was two days latter, game B arrived. Individually shipped from Game a. Something they said they wouldn't do for free shipping. I did have a lot going on at work, and planned to make a trip to a local store that weekend, and grab whichever game(s) they had in stock, and cancel the order for those. But I wanted the game in my hand before cancling because the print runs were small, and they were VERY hard to find.

Then, the day before I left on my trip, game a makes it's appearance, a month earlier then mentioned. I guess Amazon decided to take the hit for shipping two separate parcels rather then loosing an order. Or else someone I spoke/wrote to took pity on me for the run around.

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