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Happy Update on my post from last night

I got my card back!!!!! :)

I stopped back by Friday's after church this morning and spoke with the accountant, and again left my information just in case.

About an hour ago, my phone rings and it's the lady who has my card. We agree to meet up at Friday's and exchange cards. Apparently she had no idea she had mine until this afternoon. She and her husband went to Subway, and she used my card for her lunch - only $5.32 thankfully, and proceeded onto Publix to go grocery shopping. It wasn't until the cashier at Publix asked her for ID that they realized it wasn't her card. Her husband paid with his card for the groceries, and they went back to Subway thinking that's where the card switch happened.

Of course the cashier at Subway denied having her card, and they actually called the police on the poor Subway girl! (I wonder if that will end up in customers_suck?) The cops show up and tell her basically there's nothing they can do, the cashier doesn't have her card, and showed her where my card was used for her purchase. The police just suggested she go to the bank tomorrow and find out if they could get in touch with me. So they start racking their brains trying to figure out where they last used it, because they were in the same panic mode as I was last night. She finally remembers dinner and calls Friday's and they give her my number.

We both went in and spoke with the accountant. It turns out that the other lady was charged twice - for both of our meals. I never got charged. When the waitress realized the mistake last night, she took my meal off the other card. The lady asked for Friday's to reimburse me the $5 I spent at Subway, and I told her not to worry about it - as I was technically up $12 on the whole ordeal. And yes, I will be keeping an eye on my balance just to make sure nothing else was charged.

For those who were bashing me for taking the card, if I hadn't been able to find any information on this person while I was still at the table, I wouldn't have taken it. But since I was able to find out where she worked (God Bless Google!), and planned on going to her school first thing in the morning if it hadn't already been resolved. I just couldn't imagine an elementary school principal knowingly racking up felonious charges on my card. The lady was just as relieved as I was, that we were able to track each other down.

So, thankfully, there was a happy ending all the way around.
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