Sailor Vivi (sailorvivi) wrote in bad_service,
Sailor Vivi

How Stupid is this?

Okay, I am diabetic. I do my best to *try* to keep it in check. So, when I go into my local Golden Corral and see that they have Diet Pink Lemonade, I'm overjoyed and order it.

One finished drink later, the waitress kindly asks me if I want a refill. I said sure, I'm having the diet pink lemonade. She starts off with it, but comes back with a weird expression on her face and says, "Ma'am... we don't have diet in the lemonade.." My jaw dropped, as did my moms. I told her they had told me up front at the cashiers it was and she shook her head. By this time my mind is going crazy thinking i could pass out at any moment and the waitress goes for the manager.

Oh man... after telling him the story, instead of asking him how to fix it other than me telling him he needs to educate his front end help better because some people can't have that MUCH sugar (and in drinks like that 26 - 48 grams (26,000 to 48,000 miligrams yikes) and instead of saying he'll do something about it he starts going off on how he had these flashbacks from his acid trips in the 70's! I'm like WTF!?! Being diabetic doesn't even compare to doing DRUGS!!!

I never never went back to THAT Golden Corral again.

Kudos to the waitress who actually knew what she was doing, no thanks to her psycho druggie manager.
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