Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,

TGI Friday's post a few down reminded me..

So awhile ago my boyfriend and I went to Friday's to get their Jack Daniel's ribs. When we sat down it was about 3pm on a weekday* so needless to say the place was deserted. It was us, an elderly couple, a guy by himself, and about a dozen people working there. I have no idea why they had so many people on at such a dead time but oh well.

We were seated and told the waitress that we didn't need menus because we knew exactly what we were going to order. We immediately ordered our drinks, a plate of ribs with fries to split between us, and I got a Caesar salad and asked it to be brought out before the meal. The waitress brings our drinks and disappears into the back.

For half a fucking hour.

It's like the entire staff abandoned the dining room. All those people we saw sitting around earlier -- nowhere to be found. Us, the elderly couple, and the lone man were all empty-glassed and getting irritated enough that we were talking amongst ourselves. My boyfriend agreed to go try and find a waitress for us. Nothing. He ended up having to walk halfway into the kitchen just to find someone. Ten minutes later the waitress showed up and refilled everyone's drinks and said the food would be out soon.

Ten minutes later, she brought out food, all right. A potato skins appetizer and a pasta dish.

Her: Here you go! Enjoy!
Us: Uh, this isn't what we ordered.
Her: ...?
Us: We got a plate of ribs with fries and a salad was supposed to come out before the meal.
Her: Ummmm... *begins flipping through her order pad* I have you down for potato skins and a whateverpastabowl.
Us: *kind of awkward* That's not what we ordered. Are you sure that's ours?
Her: *shows us pad, pointing*

Yep, it says potato skins and whateverpastabowl.

Us: Well, that's really not even close to what we ordered.
Her: I don't know.
Us: .....
Her: Hold on.

She scurries away, leaving the unclaimed food in front of us. After a while, she comes out with what I assume was a manager. He asked us what was going on, asked her what was going on, apologized, and said they'd go ahead and get started on making us what we ordered. That's swell and all but as he was walking away, he turned to the waitress and let her know that "we won't be charging them for this skins and pasta."

UH, DUH? You actually needed to inform her of that??? And yes, we ended up getting ribs and a salad. It took them another half hour but whatever. No fries but we were too sick of waiting by then to bother. We got our drinks refilled only that one time and I still have no idea whose ticket that was, because none of the other people in there were eating those things as far as we could tell.

*Whenever I retell this story everyone asks me why we were getting ribs at 3pm. I have no answer for this. My stomach commanded it. DON'T HATE >:O
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