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Victoria's Secret, I thought you loved meeee

Okay, well, this is getting to be ridiculous. I love Victoria's Secret and I buy a crapload of stuff from them all the time. My mother and I share a VS credit card and we buy stuff online and in store all the time. I've never had a problem with anything from them before in all the times I've ordered online.

Well, a couple of months ago they changed where their shipping warehouses were located. I placed an online order and as I was confirming it said that my order may be delayed because of this. No biggie, it's not like I really needed that stuff RIGHT AWAY or anything. I'd ordered ten pairs of five for $25 Pink undies, five in one style and five in another. I'd also ordered a bra, three sweaters, a bottle of lotion, and a bottle of one of the Mood perfumes I'd wanted for a long time but could never bring myself to pony up $45 for. It had been discontinued, apparently, and was on clearance for like $18 or something... I don't even remember. This was in August. I got standard shipping which shouldn't take more than two weeks and in the past usually took about one week.

A month later, I finally get a package! It has five pairs of panties, a bra, and two sweaters. There's a note saying that the rest of my order will be sent separately (they do this a lot, it usually arrives less than a week later). I figure they wanted the perfume and lotion to be wrapped better than in the envelope they sent the rest of the stuff in.

Almost another full month goes by. I finally contact my mother (because she's the primary name on the account) and tell her what's up. She called them last week and was told that the stuff was on it's way. So I get an envelope yesterday containing the same bra they already sent me, plus a note that says the rest would be sent separately. Mo' calls them again and is told that for some reason the other package was sent back. They also tell her that the perfume was discontinued so they can't send that because they don't make it anymore.

What the fuck, guys? First of all, you send me another package containing something you already sent to me, then insist that the other package can't go through. Then you tell me that the perfume I bought because it was discontinued can't be sent because it was discontinued? What the crap is that? I love shopping clearance on victoriassecret.com and I've never had that happen. If you try to order something that's out of stock/will be back ordered/is no longer available, it always gives you an alert and the option to remove it from your cart. It didn't do that with the perfume, meaning that it should have been available. And if it wasn't, you really should have contacted us first and refunded the credit to my mom's account. If I ordered it and the order went through and we were charged, that might mean that you should... Oh I donno, indicate somehow in your system that one of those needs to be put in my order/set aside to be mailed?

If the one package had just been delayed for a really long time, I'd assume this was an issue with the transfer from one warehouse to another. But them sending me a duplicate item and then not holding perfume after it was ordered makes me think there's something stupid going on with their side of things.

And I'm sad that I didn't get the perfume because I really wanted that one and now I can't ever get it again because they don't even make it anymore :(
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