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Cosmo Magazine

Okay, so I had a subscription to Cosmo Magazine a few years ago, when my subscription ended I didn't renew because I wasn't really reading the magazine anymore and honestly I didn't have the money for the renewal at the time.  I still would occasionally receive renewal requests in the mail.  I got one recently that I decided to take the offer, $15 for a 12-month subscription.  I sent in the money for it towards the middle of August.  At the end of August I received my August subscription, I'm thinking great, they just want to get me started and then next week or so I would be receiving the September issue.  Wrong!  I still hadn't received it in the middle of September, so I emailed them, because apparently that is the only way to file a complaint and told them I hadn't received the issue.  They apologized and said they would send it out and extend the subscription for another month.  Well I go to check the mail yesterday and there is a Cosmo issue there.  It's all mangled, it wouldn't have looked worse if someone stepped on it, and who knows, they probably did.  And then I notice, it wasn't the October Issue I was thinking it was going to be since it is Mid October.  It was the September one :(  So I emailed them again and let them know how dissatisfied I was, and told them that if November ended up the same way October did, I was going to cancel my subscription and get a refund.  I know it's pretty petty, but it's really frustrating. 

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