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EDIT: UPDATE (bottom of cut)
I've been an avid reader of this community for quite sometime and although I've had some bad service worthy of posting, I haven't been motivated to post until now.

Tonight I found a cute white gold heart ring with a tiny, single diamond on it on for $69.99. Impulsively, I decide to purchase it. I proceed to checkout, enter my credit card information and notice that there was a promotional discount on the item of -$21.00. "Great!" I think to myself. With shipping my total comes to $53.97. I'm feeling very lucky that I got the promotional pricing.

Shortly after receiving my order confirmation email I receive an email stating that there was a problem processing my credit card and that I should login to my account and check my payment info and correct it if needed. I thought I had entered my credit card number correctly, but figure that I may have transposed two numbers or something. Unfortunately, when I look at my payment info in the account section it only shows the last 5 digits of my credit card number so not knowing whether it was completely entered correctly or not, I select the option to enter a new card number and after submitting it, the order total as revised and is no longer at the promotional price. There was an option to cancel the order at that point and I figure that I should cancel the order and try again for the promotional price. I go through the steps to cancel, fill in the box with my reason, but I get a message that I'm unable to cancel the order because it is already in processing.

At this point I'm starting to get frustrated. I usually don't make typos when entering my credit card number and I had no way to see if it was entered correctly or not and then I wasn't able to cancel the order. Next, I email amazon's customer service explaining that the price was changed when I resubmitted payment info and I didn't agree to that price, but was unable to cancel either. I asked if I would be getting a refund of the difference between the original total and the revised total.

When I get the response, it says:

"Greetings from

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may
have experienced.

I've checked into your order(#XXXXXXXX) and see that you
recently revised your order through Your Account.

I am sorry to hear that the order total revised after you have
resubmitted the payment information.

However I have canceled this order and request you to place a new
order for the same item.

Rest assured your credit card has not been charged for this order."

What is the point in canceling my order and asking me to place a new order for the same item? Especially since the promotion is no longer available. Furthermore, now that the order has been canceled and is no longer in my list of recently ordered items, I can't use the customer service email form to ask any further questions about that order.

Just to see what would happen I did try to order the item again, but as I suspected would be the case, the promotion is not available.

I realize that since I had originally intended to pay full price for the item I don't have much of a leg to stand on, but I can't help but feel jerked around. I still have the confirmation from the original order with the discounted price so I plan to call when I have a chance and see if there is some way to get that price since I did order when the promotion was available. All I did was resubmit my payment info like the email asked so it doesn't seem fair that the price was changed.

Does anyone think I have a chance at getting the promotional price? Or should I let it go and purchase it at regular price?

UPDATE: Before I went to bed last night I decided to look harder on the amazon site to find a way to email them without an open order. I thought I'd try one last time to get the promotional price and see what comes of it. So this is the email I sent (along with a quote of the last email I had received from amazon):

"When I originally ordered the item it was at the promotional
price. I have the original confirmation email from that order for documentation if necessary. Could you clarify why the total was changed after I resubmitted my payment info?

I would be happy to place a new order for the item as the above referenced email asks, but I would like to purchase it at the promotional price. If there is some way you could assist me with ordering the item at the promotional price it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help,



I received an email reply this morning saying that they have looked into the records for the order and they are sorry that the price recalculated incorrectly after I resubmitted payment info. It says to reorder the item at the regular price and then send them the documentation of the original order and I will receive a refund of the difference between the prices. I'm quite happy about this, but I'll admit I'm a little unsure of whether I'll actually receive the refund.

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