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You don't get tipped for pouring water!

Hi, I'm a new member. My fiance and I went out to dinner at Milestone's last night, and had semi-bad service. Our server took our drink orders, poured our water, took our order when we were ready, and then took off. A different person gave us our salads. Yet another gave us our entrees. The only thing our server did in this time was refill our water and ask how we were doing. To be blunt, she sucked. We gave her $4 on our $40 bill - though I don't think she should've been tipped even that much. I mean, we were giving her a tip for pouring water! Urgh.

I don't know about Ontario law, so I don't know how much she gets paid. I also understand that the restaurant section was unusually busy for 8:00pm. But that doesn't mean you have an excuse to not do your job. You were given a certain number of tables. If you couldn't handle it, then you shouldn't have taken the job.

I could only hope that woman reads this community. Because I would say this to her: Enjoy the $4. You didn't deserve it.

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