kristin (layered) wrote in bad_service,

Update on my trash problem that I posted about two days ago, for those of you who were interested in the progress.

The trash was, yet again, not picked up today. I finally called the City Chamberlain's office, who told me that their computer said that there was no balance due for the account, and she transferred me to Public Works.

The woman at Public Works told me that there was not service on the account. I asked her what had happened and why it'd been turned off, and she informed me that service had officially been turned off since August 23rd due to nonpayment, and the balance due was only paid yesterday.

So for the weeks that the landlord has been telling me that he'll call and make sure it's fixed, he only ACTUALLY bothered to pay the overdue bill YESTERDAY.

And the balance was only paid off; the service wasn't turned back on. She gave me a number and told me that the landlord had to call them and have the service turned on.

I. Am. LIVID. Especially considering that, right around the end of August, I got my financial aid money and paid him three entire months in advance. He couldn't pay the bill... WHY?

I call the landlord's brother. His phone is off, so I leave a very terse, yet polite message basically saying that I'd done some digging and found out that the service had been turned off nearly a month and a half ago for nonpayment, so he has to call this number to get the service reinstated, and that something REALLY has to be done about the trash. There are two bins heaping full, plus somewhere between five and ten garbage bags on the curb. Animals had gotten into the bags for a few days, and so yesterday I finally was disgusted enough with the state of things that I got on some rubber gloves and rebagged everything, picked up the trash that'd been scattered all over the lawn. It wasn't my job, but for my own peace of mind and my need to just be CLEAN, I did it anyway.

Last night, animals got into the trash again. Well, maybe just one animal. I know a skunk lives in the woods behind the house, so. It's scattered everywhere. (I just called my room-mate, who is at home while I'm at school, and asked her to take a picture while I was thinking of it.)

So I decide to wait and see if the landlord's brother calls me back today. I call my mother, to talk to her and tell her what's going on with the situation. I've never rented an apartment before, and she's had plenty of renting experience, so I tend to ask what she thinks I should do about things. I told her that I was going to wait to see if the landlord's brother returned my call, as I'd just called him and it was around lunchtime.

She knows the original landlord better than I do, so she decided to call and talk to him about the it all. I didn't know she was going to do that, so it was a surprise when she called me back and said that John (the original landlord) was going to send a private trash-removal company today.

So right now I'm waiting to see if that actually comes to fruition. I asked my room-mate to take pictures in case it actually does (I'm doubtful, giving the landlord's track record) and I'm not sure what to do about my next move. Maybe a call to the attorney general or the building inspector is in order.

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