Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Surprise! Another doctor's office post!

This is totally a minor bad service compared to the other posts about doctors and hospitals, but it is still annoying.

Last Thursday my husband had a doctor's appointment for his lower back. His dad and brother have a lot of back problems, so he figured he should get checked out just to be on the safe side.

He goes to see our family doctor and tells him the situation with his family. Doctor agrees that checking things out would be a good idea. Doctor asks one of his nurses to schedule my husband an appointment for an MRI. Husband makes sure to tell them that it has to be on a Friday. They say no problem and they tell him that they will call me, since my phone is always on.

The weekend comes and goes, no phone call. Quite frankly, I totally forgot about them calling..until today..

The hospital calls and leaves a voice mail. They need to preregister my husband for his MRI appointment tomorrow...

Grr... It is just annoying because we have to find a babysitter last minute (hence the needing it to be on Friday, we wouldn't need a sitter). It wouldn't be a problem if they would have called, like they said they were going to. Hell, this office even sends a letter after they make the appointment so the patients will have written confirmation. We didn't even get that!

So yeah... it is a minor bit of bad service...but it is still annoying.
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