MLW Lundeen (destinysdiamond) wrote in bad_service,
MLW Lundeen

Yep ...

So I went to Albertson's to get pictures developed of the cats I'm putting up for adoption. They have the 30 minute option on there and since I was pressed for time I asked if I could use that, the woman standing there said I could.

So I filled everything out and when I went to hand it to her she told me to drop it in the box. So I did and I walked out and went to get something to eat at the Wendy's across the street.

There I heard nothing but profanity because some of the co-workers were fighting. Not to mention the food was horrible.

So then I go back 30 minutes later to pick up my film.

They don't have it ready. When I ask why, they say I dropped it in the over-night box.

I'm like WTF? That's the box they TOLD me to drop it in after I had already asked for the 30 minutes and tried to hand it to the idiot.

So then they start on them. And the girl that screwed up was new so the other girl began training her with my pictures ... slowly. An hour later, I got the pictures. Over half were very poor quality thanks to her new girl.

However, I did get the pictures for free ... I left still very angry.

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