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I don't like doctors sometimes. *sigh*

Small bad_service, I guess, but I just wanted to rant.

I went to my Primary Care Physician last Friday with a complaint of lower back pain and frequent urination. I have a long history of chronic UTIs. I am currently without insurance. He did a urinalysis, and made a comment to me that it was "kind of cloudy and may have some blood in it", but he didn't do anything form me except write me a prescription for, basically, prescription-strength Aleve (Naprosyn, 500MG).

Fast-forward to early Tuesday morning. I woke up at 2:30am with a jolt, severe pain on both sides of my lower back, and I crawled to the bathroom to promptly puke my guts out. I took some aspirin and crawled back to bed, hoping it would just go away, but by 3:30am I was in a fetal position next to husband, sobbing, and he woke up and insisted on taking me to the ER. By the time we got there, I had a fever, and could barely walk enough to give a urine sample. The ER doctor was wonderful; he got me hooked up to an IV and got me pain and nausea meds within a half an hour of arrival.

About two hours later, my blood labs came back. My "white blood cell and red blood cell count were too high to count" and "my body was fighting a hell of an infection". He said "the UTI has made it into your kidneys and it is one of the worst kidney infections I've ever seen". He gave me two rounds of Cipro and two Vicodin (on top of the Fentanyl I got when I arrived), and ordered me to take it easy for the next week because I'm pretty sick.

I guess I'm just really irritated because my PCP should have caught this on Friday, and now I've got to fork out for an ER bill AND a worthless doctor visit. The ER doctor was pretty irritated too when I told him that I had just went to the doctor on Friday with this complaint.

Sometimes I just wish doctors would listen. A UTI isn't that damn hard to diagnose, and it shouldn't have gotten this out of hand, and wouldn't have, if he had just listened to me.
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