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I haven't posted here in a while. I haven't really had the need to. But now, I do. This has got to be the worst case of bad service I have ever witnessed.

I have cut it due to the length

My husband's workplace had to switch insurance companies again. This isn't a bother to us to do so because they both cost the same out of his check. This insurance company is high rated so we thought we were doing the right thing. This week, we found out just how wrong we thought.

The old insurance was we'll call it UN UN.

They paid for everything, except the co-pays.

The New insurance we will call them BC BC

When we got the paperwork, BC, under our plan was responsible for everything but the co pays. The ER co-pay would be waived if we were admitted. No big deal there. $100.00 co-pay. Doctor's is $ 50.00

This week, we received, not one but two bills from our hospital LRMC.

My husband's unpaid total was $637.00. This was due to an ankle injury he got. We paid the co-pay of $100.00. Thought everything was taken care of. He had to have x-rays done (which was covered due to the paperwork we received when we signed up)

My bill was higher. It come out to $912.00. I had to have an emergency biopsy done, along with blood work. Paid the $50.00.

Our insurance is refusing to pay for both bills due to the fact that neither one was pre-approved. No where in our paperwork or statements from the insurance did it state that our visits had to be pre-approved. I have looked over all the paperwork myself.

They also told the doctor that even though my biopsy was a medical emergency, it had to be pre-approved before it was preformed. Same with my pap-smear.

Are they allowed to change the rules of our insurance without sending us proper documentation? The HR lady at my husband's work said she would take care of it but still...

Can they just up and change our coverage without informing us of such a change and what can we do about this other than the HR lady?

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