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Hi, I'm new, but I have two Bad_services to rant about =D

Bad_service #1:
My mother and my autistic brother were at Wal*Mart this weekend, and as they were checking out, the lovely woman (The cashier, mind you) was asking questions about my brother:

Woman: Uh, what's wrong with him?
Mom: Oh, my son has autism.
Woman: Oh, did you like, drink while you were pregnant with him, or something!?
Mom: Uh.. no. That's FAS, anyway. It's just something that happened.
Woman: Thank god I don't have defective jeans genes or anything. I wouldn't want any of MY kids to be retarded.

Bad_service #2:
I was at a department store tonight, getting some girl-stuff and clothes. When I went to the self-check out, I was confused that my items weren't scanning.
Self Check Out Attendant: Can't you like.. READ?! It SAYS "Take item out and RE-SCAN IT!" Jeeze!
I felt dumb, and maybe a little customers_suck worthy. But she really didn't have to be so rude.

Thats all!

I am sorry about the type-oh. I am tired XD)
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