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wedding woes

my boyfriend's best friend got married yesterday at The Antrim (for the locals), and while some aspects were very nice, others were horrible.

first - the weather was bad (who expects 94*F in Maryland in OCTOBER??? should be in the 70s!) - this was no one's fault, but it plays into a problem. once the ceremony was over, they kept us outside for an hour. one hour. i checked. they didn't even want to let us into the foyer of the pavilion because the inner pavilion wasn't ready. sorry, but with two ladies in their 90s, we were NOT staying outside. besides, one of them has lupus - of course, explaining this to the staff was impossible as half of them barely understood English. the other half just didn't care or had a snotty attitude. asking to use the facilities was just as much a headache.

second - part of my boyfriend's toast (he was the best man) involved an old Polish tradition of using bread, salt, and wine. his mom collected all the ingredients while they were off doing pictures and such. she brought a plate from the groom's grandmother's collection (read as: over 100 years old). all she wanted was a small piece of bread, and asked one of the staff for it. the response she got? "well, where am i supposed to get that?" durrr maybe the kitchen? "well it's not ready yet, give me the plate and i'll handle it." yeah, sure, we're going to trust Miss Snottypants with a plate more than 4x her age. right. later, when we told the wedding coordinator that the boyfriend would be doing it, his first response was "no, sorry, can't do it, isn't in the plan" - then he grabbed the wine goblet (also ~100 years old) and plate from the boyfriend's mom and ran off. eventually, when it came time for the toast, they came back out with the stuff, but still...it was ridiculous.

third - the wedding planner provided by the Antrim. the guy has been doing it for 25 years (as he liked to say over and over), but he obviously doesn't care to do it anymore. he was a drill sergeant, and had all the bridesmaids terrified of him. he wouldn't direct - he would scream. he was rude, pushy, and overly ridiculous. he also looks like my boss, which is scary enough WITHOUT the asshole behavior.

there were other little nitpicky problems (they didn't have the bridal suite ready when promised, lunch was late, the manor wasn't restored nicely, etc) that really had me wondering why it was worth the 5-digit pricetag.

positive points: excellent food and a few VERY polite staffers, as well as beautiful rooms. they, unfortunately, are not enough to warrant me recommending this site for a wedding for anyone else. anyone local to Maryland/Pennsylvania who might be considering this site, avoid it. it's really not worth the money.
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