Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

Couch legs shouldn't be this difficult to get.

In July, my boyfriend and I went to buy a couch. We purchased a sofabed and loveseat from a company in Brooklyn that has their furniture custom made in Rhode Island.

The sofabed and loveseat were delivered on Aug. 2nd. Both were in great condition but the sofa had dark wood legs. This was bad because we ordered light wood, we have only light wood furniture and the love seat has light wood legs so the love seat and sofa don't match.

The delivery guys told my boyfriend to call the store and they would probably have the legs delivered the next day. He calls and they promise to call the factory. He calls the next week and they promise again. He and I keep calling. Everytime we call, the factory is closed or they can't get in touch with them. I know these are only sofa legs but we want what we ordered. Finally, I call one day and get a guy. Till this time, it's always the same woman. He "sounds" appalled that it's been over a month and we haven't gotten these legs. He promises to get something done. We eventually got a call that the legs had been out of stock but would be in soon and they were gonna have them delivered to the store. The woman who we dealt with said that she would call when they got in and then have the delivered to the house.

At some point they call my boyfriend to tell him the legs are in and then tell him they have to call him back with a delivery date. Buh what? Why did you call if you couldn't schedule delivery then? He totally forgot and they never called. So I called yesterday, 2 months and 3 days after the couch was delivered. I spoke to a woman who had no idea about any of this but did say there were short, fat, light-wood legs just sitting on the office desk with no name on them and that there were no other legs around. She was sure they were ours. She also said that if we scheduled a delivery they would probably forget since it wasn't a big piece of furniture. My father, who was over, offered to go pick them up for us because he drives. He went yesterday and brought them today. Yay, the legs are light wood. Boo because they are noticeably thinner than the other legs and also slightly taller. We are going on vacation so I guess we'll deal with this when we get back.

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