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Amazon.com bad service.

I don't post here often at all, almost never in fact, because rarely do I get service bad enough to post about.

This has me seething though.

Okay. Story.

I ordered a Zen Creative Touch 20GB MP3 player from a seller on Sept. 19th, for just under $80. A good price I thought. Shipping was supposed to be 4-14 days. Standard.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And I never recieved my order.

So today, on Oct. 7th, four days off of four full weeks, I contacted the seller.

Hello there.

On Sept. 19th, I purchased a Zen Touch 20GB MP3 player from you from amazon.com. Unfortunately, it's Oct. 7th, and I haven't recieved it yet. I was just wondering as to the status of the shipment. If you could give me an update, or tell me if there's been any problems shipping it, that'd be wonderful.


Less than an hour later (quick response time, I'll admit that), I recieved a reply from him.

Hi! I'm sorry to inform you that the item you ordered is no longer available. Just request a refund by Amazon, and you'll receive it. Thanks!

Does anyone see anything WRONG with this?

My response back.


It would have been nice of you to tell me a little sooner, rather than waiting four weeks for me to contact you.

But okay.

So anyway, obviously I am NEVER GOING TO GET my MP3 player.

So I go to Amazon.com and try to submit a claim. Wait, what's this? There's a problem submitting my claim? WTF? So I do some digging and eventually find out that, hey! I can call them! And talk to a real live person! Woo!

So I give them a buzz.

Only to find out that I can't submit a claim until Oct. 11th. Because despite the fact that I have an email from the seller DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, STATING THAT I WILL NEVER RECIEVE THE ITEM I ORDERED, I STILL MIGHT GET IT. So I have to wait even longer to get my money back.

Amazon.com, you just lost a customer. I know that doesn't mean much in the long run, since so many people use you, but I never will again.

I left the seller as horrible feedback as I could. One star, and the comment "Seller didn't inform me that the item was unavailable until I contacted him four weeks after I ordered it. Awful. Would not order from again."

Never again.

ETA: I'm more upset at the seller than Amazon.com itself. The thing that's aggrivating me about Amazon is despite the fact that I have proof that I will never get my item, they're still making me wait. I understand that they have a time-frame they have to go by. But considering the circumstances, it seems sort of out of line to me.
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