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Office Depot fun!

To tell you the truth, it's not such a huge suck, but I was so offended by it that I stepped to the shift manager and told her about this. I told her it's okay if she disagrees with me, and insisted her to be blunt if she feels that I'm exaggerating. She didn't feel so - she agreed with me.

I walked into the store, looking for a wireless optical mouse. First of all, I couldn't find it, so I stepped to one of the electronic assistants who pointed the aisle to me. Well, I may be a bit over my head, but usually (or at least where I worked) when a customer asks the whereabouts of a product, especially if it's an electronic device, you should also ask if they need help. I wasn't really annoyed by this, though - it's not a big deal.

Anyway, I went to the aisle and saw a wireless optical mouse that was priced 250NIS (local currency) which is about $60-65 - Seemed a bit too much for me. Exactly then, one of the electronic assistants (a different one), passed by me, so I asked him if there were cheaper ones. He pointed me to one that was 130NIS ($30-35), and pretty much ran off. I noticed there was another mouse, from the same company, priced 155NIS ($35-40). Not a big difference, but I wondered what exactly was the difference.

So I picked up both items, and walked to the customer service stand. The shift manager was talking to one of the workers there. I showed her both items and asked for the difference. She said she's not sure, but this guy will take me to one of the electronic assistants.

Right now it's somehow still alright, except for the fact that two assistants brushed me off (one of them was leaving a shift so that's fine I guess). So the guy from cs stand started walking towards the workers room (to get an electronic assistant), and I followed.

This is the part that really pissed me off - take into consideration that it's not like the assistants are running around the store, I was looking for them and found none.

The guy that was supposed to call an assistant? Well, he ran into a co-worker exiting a shift, and started TALKING TO HIM. About RANDOM STUFF. WTF! WTF! I mean, seriously, you have to be kidding! He just started discussing unrelated stuff with him!! And not just a second - I waited two-three minutes (and that's a lot when you're just waiting for some bleeding service) and then asked him if he could call an assistant, very politely. Keep in mind I was in his range this whole time, it's not like he didn't see me standing there, waiting for him to finish his mundane conversation with his friend. Ironically, btw, his friend was an electronic assistant. He could've asked him, it's just a tiny question and a two second answer.

So finally he notices me after I asked him again, so he just stands in his spot, looking around the store, yells to some guy, and then says "You see that guy? With the cart? Yeah, so go to him."

OH MY GOD. I may be overreacting, but I felt as if I was just a disturbance to his conversation, and how dare I interrupt his exciting afternoon plans convo with his friend to ask for help. And not even from him - from a guy he was supposed to find.

I walked up to the guy (keep in mind I've been walking around the store looking for help for about 10 minutes), asked my question, and he said "I've been asked that question a lot, and there is no real difference."

I must say that the electronic assistants at my local Office Depot almost always have this attitude, and now it's really starting to piss me off. I understand that you're busy, I've worked in customer service, but seriously, give me 2 minutes and I'll leave you alone. They always say a word and vanish. Ugh.

Edit: I did indeed look at the products before asking a question. Also assume that the shift manager did? Why was this not obvious...

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