The Artist formerly known as Cybele24 (rightsaidred) wrote in bad_service,
The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

I HATE the University of Minnesota

Below is the e-mail I just finished writing to Parking and transporation services:

To whom it may concern:
Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't Campus Connectors supposed to run every 30 minutes until midnight on Saturdays?  For over an hour from 6:40 until 7:50 I sat outside CECC tonight (Buford & Gortner) waiting for a bus that never came, or rather, three busses that never came,  now that I take a look at the schedule.   I am a very small woman, and I felt vulnerable enough sitting out there on a poorly lit street all alone, but and even more so when an expected wait of 20 minutes while there was still some light outside turned into an hour-long wait in the dark.  By the time I gave up on catching a bus and went back inside the conference center to try to find a ride, I was nearly in tears.  If this is the level of service my transportation fee is paying for, I am, to put it politely, extremely underwhelmed. 



I am so far beyond pissed it isn't funny.  I've been volunteering helping out with a conference my department is holding ths weekend.  I'm utterly exhausted, to the point that I decided to go home and turn in early, missing the key note lecture I had wanted to hear.   Now I'm at the reception desk typing this because while everyone else is in teh lecture because I'm too upset to be able to pay it any attention.  What's more, I worry about any conference attendies from out of town who are staying in Minneapolis and depending on that bus to get them back to their hotels from the conference center in St. Paul. 
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