Euthanize (euthanize) wrote in bad_service,

Update on crappy florist experience.

Update to this post:

So my sister mailed off a letter to the owner of the florist about the bad experience with her wedding bouquet. She included the picture of the bouquet falling apart.

She got a call today from the owner. He was very unhappy about how she was treated, apologized repeatedly, and offered to do the following things:

refund the cost of the bridal bouquet.
send her and her husband flowers on their 1st anniversary.
send flowers to her and our mother.
send gift cards.
send coupons.
let her come to the store and personally pick any arrangement she'd like and take it home, free of charge.

I think she's going to opt for the refund of the bridal bouquet.

He said that the florist who handled the problem never should have treated us that way, that she was completely wrong in copping an attitude, and that their policy is that if a customer has problems with the flowers, they are supposed to go to the venue and fix them right away. He said he would be pulling her into the office after the phone call and having a conversation with her about her customer service skills, and the fact that the bouquet still fell apart even after she "fixed" it.

My sister is satisfied with the way the owner has handled things. I'm glad he personally called her and didn't just send off a form letter and a gift card, or some crap like that.
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