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I can't stand the university computer lab assistants!!

When I have a question about how to format the new Microsoft Word 2007 (which i hate with a passion), they never seem to know how to fix it. I work with computers in my job, but they don't have this new installment, and you would think that if they are graduate assistants being paid to do this job they would know how to fix their own damn computers.

Secondly, the rules on the wall say: No food, no drink, no cell calls, and quiet conversations only. So, I would think that this does not exempt the GAs and their girlfriends. Right now, the GA's girlfriend is eating an apple (which everyone knows makes loud crunching noises), yelling at someone on her cell phone, and drinking a pop.

The same thing happens in the other computer lab that I go to. The GA talks on her cellphone and cooks these really nasty-smelling TV dinners to eat at her desk.

I sent an email to the head of the building, but I doubt anything will be done. This frustrates me so much! 


After many comments from people who actually work in computer labs, I can see how many of them are treated when it comes to new programs being installed. I can see how it's frustrating on both sides. It just really annoyed me this morning.
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