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Brigitte Fires

My ER story

I once spent 16 hours (well ok 14 hours) in the ER for... nothing?

Went to my PCP at 2pm with abdominal pain that I have had off and on for ~2 years, she had told me last time I'd been in to come in AS SOON as it started (and it had started that morning) to see if it was a cyst that was growing and shrinking (because apparently they do that in cycles).

She couldn't rule out appendicitis so she HAD to send me to the ER for a CT scan. I got to the ER at 3:30pm. Pain keeps getting worse, worse than it's ever been, I'm STARVING because I haven't eaten all day and my blood sugar is crashing, so as soon as the nurse gets my info I mention that I'm feeling lightheaded due to low blood sugar. They get me a bed (otherwise I wouldn't have had one) and an IV. I had to pee and when I was 5 FEET away from getting back in my bed they took the lady in the next bed for a test because I "wasn't there for [them] to take." 3 hours later they finished her ultrasound and got me in, but only after my nurse bullied her way into the room and told them to GTFO. By this time, one of my mom's friends (my mom is a long-time nurse at this very large hospital) saw me and was doing some lobbying to get me a bed.

An hour later they had finished my pelvic exam and decided that they needed to do an ultrasound. By this time the pain was unbearable so they said they'd get me some morphine... but they left me in the hallway, naked except for a poorly-tied gown because they said they'd be back with a different doctor to do my ultrasound in "a few minutes." No morphone, no doctor, it's an hour later or so and I flagged down my nurse, who is apparently not my nurse anymore. But, she kindly goes to get my nurse, and comes back 2 minutes later with morphine and a pissy attitude and says "Oh forget it, you're not my patient but I'm gonna take care of you anyway because these women are just being lazy cunts."

Hey, is that a rash, all over my body? Can I get some benedryl? Apparently not.

A while later (Dad said another 2 hours or so, it was long enough that the morphine was starting to wear off) they get me in for the ultrasound. Where the lady doesn't even ultrasound within 4 inches of where anything hurts. Loe and behold, when I ask her to do that (which she started to refuse and I just got kinda bitchy with her about) and she finally decided to ultrasound the part of my abdomen that hurt, she found something "weird" (besides spending 10 minutes looking for my ovary). She didn't say what tho, except that something was swollen funny and pushing my ovary WAY out of whack.

Then my not-really-my-nurse had gotten me a room, combined with the bullying of my mom's friend, they got me into it and the ER doc said that they did indeed have to do a CT (this is now 1am) and it takes an hour to prep and then the scan and then they have to wait for it to be read. So the ER doc says he'll be right back he's going to go grab the prep med, my nurse says Oh I was going to do that but OK fine and they both leave. I tell my BF and dad to go home because they both have to work the next AM, and they leave.

20 minutes... 30 minutes... an hour later, NO ONE has come back for me to give me my CT prep crap. I'm STARVING, the pain in my abdomen is like a 20 out of 10, and I tried calling the nurses' station but I couldn't understand what they were saying to me and no one was coming to check on me. Then I started crying and then I couldn't stop and I started hyperventilating which sucked, I looked at the clock and I swear I was sobbing uncontrollably for over 5 minutes before my nurse walked by, saw me and FREAKED out, was like, "Oh honey are you in pain? I'll go get morphine!" And I'm trying to tell her no because I got all rashy from it and felt weird and I'd rather deal with the pain than the morphine, but I couldn't spit it out... so she gets back and is pushing the morphine when this other lady just walks in and starts calming me down... I thought she had just stopped because I was freaking out but then I find out that apparently my mom (who was working elsewhere in the hospital) had called her because they know each other a little, and I WAS NEVER SCHEDULED for my CT! So she gets me calmed down, I finally spit out that I was freaking out because everyone was ignoring me and because I was so hungry, the nurse apologizes and says how she thought the ER doc was coming right back and she got caught up with another patient and then went on lunch, figuring they had a while yet before the CT stuff would work...

that's when I find out it takes 2 hours MINIMUM to prep for CT... I had to drink this nasty shake stuff, then wait an hour and drink another shake then wait an hour and then do the CT, so the CT tech got me my shake and said they could push it to 45 minutes between each thing (and my moom showed up after her shift to sit with me and drive me home) so they got it all taken care of and she got me scheduled for my CT... But while we were waiting for the scan-prep to go thru me, I broke out in hives and was having trouble breathing so they gave me benedryl so by the time I got to the CT scan I was OUT OF IT. And then she had problems getting whatever they had to give me into my IV because the ENTIRE TIME I'D BEEN IN THE ER (and complaining because my IV hurt more than usual) the damn thing hadn't actually been in a vein! It was in a vein wall though so it could have been worse.

So they get my CT done with me PASSED OUT from a HUGE dose of benedryl, get me back to my room where my mom is about to fall asleep on her feet, so she and I are dozing and the ER doc comes in at 7am and says...

"It's not appendicitis but we don't know what it is, maybe it's fibroids? go home."

PS that was in March and they still don't know what's wrong with me.
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