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Fun times on the phone..

So, I haven't been feeling well lately. I do not have a doctor here yet, and while I figure no one will be able to see me for a while, it may be worth seeing if the place down the street from me has anything open within the next few months. Even if I'm feeling better by then, I could use a check up and such.

That was a fun idea.

I call yesterday. I ask the woman if they are taking new patients. She says yes, and asks what my problem is. I tell her. She asks if I have insurance, and I say yes and tell her what plan. She said if I call back in the morning, they can make a same day appointment appointment for me. They open at 7, but I can call anytime in the morning, and hangs up before I can thank her or anything.
Oh well, I think she's probably just busy. I'm excited because I might actually be able to get to a doctor sooner than I thought!

This morning, I call back.

Lady One: Hello, thank you for calling doctor office how can I help you?
Me: Hello, I'm not currently a patient there, but I was told if I called back this morning someone could get me set up and a same day appointment could be made.
-Ringing for about five minutes.-

Lady Two: Hello, thank you for calling doctor office how can I help you?
Me: -Insert same information here.-
Lady two: Oh... -long pause- Oh, well, what doctor did you want to see?
I again explain to her how I have not been there before..
-Ringing for about five minutes.-

Lady Three!: Hello, thank you for calling doctor office how can I help you?
Me: -Insert the same damn information here.-
Lady Three: Uhh. YEAH. Did you call -number-?
Me: Yes.
Lady three: Uhhh..
-On hold for a freaking long time. I'm temped to hang up, because this is getting absurd.. I stick with it, though.-

Lady FOUR!: Hello, thank you for calling doctor office how can I help you?
Me: I was told that I could make a same day appointment if I....
L4: What's wrong with you?
I tell her.
L4: When is your birthday?
I tell her.
L4: Your name?
Tell her.
L4: Oh, you haven't been here before?
Me: No.. (Which I tried to get out..)
L4: Well, we can't see you. Go to the urgent care place. Sometimes it is easier to get into a doctor if we know what is wrong with you.
-End conversation.-

I don't get it, why couldn't any of the four people I spoke with before her just tell me that? Instead I am passed around for a half of an hour?

I don't understand why they won't take me unless they know what is wrong with me.. I thought that was their job. I mean, if the urgent care place knew what was wrong with me, they could just fix it.. no real need to go to another doctor, then. (I won't be going to that place though, since every time I do I get a doctor who won't tell me anything, and is rude and not at all helpful.. I also found out today that these places are run by the same group, though.)

Fine though, even if they can't see me, okay. I wasn't really expecting to get in that soon, so I'm not really too upset about that part. I do have a problem with being passed around, put on hold without a word, and spoken to in rude tones, though. It just seems to me, that whole event didn't need to take a half of an hour and four different people.. (Which is why I didn't just take an appointment for a check up as I was planning..)


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