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Damn you, Sallie Mae!

I've always thought Sallie Mae was basically a bunch of crooks and scam artists, with shady business practices and trying to repay my student loan to them has convinced me that this is seriously the case. It's like they WANT you to fuck up.

I moved in July and one of the first things I did was call Sallie Mae and change my address. I had just graduated and I knew I had time until I started repaying my loan, but I didn't want any important info to get lost in the moving shuffle. So I called, gave them my new address and they said everything would go there.

Wrong. In August, I recieved an important letter, that was a week late, because they had used my OLD address. Concerned, I called them again and spoke to a very angry sounding woman who told me the address thing was MY fault, not an error at Sallie Mae. I gave her the address again and she promised she changed it.

She then started to try and upsell me on their programs. "Oh," she said, "there is a law going into action in October that will change our rates!" (Oh, so the government is finally on to you bastards?) "Let me change your options and you can get a whole percent taken off your repayment!". She was very aggressive and when I told her I would call back after speaking with my parents, she got even worse. "I can do it right now, for you!" she said. "It takes only a minute! I can do it RIGHT NOW!". "I'm sorry," I said, "but I'm not making any major finacial decision without speaking to my family". "No, listen, I'll do it right now for you." "NO, I don't want it DONE."

After a good 15 minutes of that, I convinced her to not change my loan plan. I had a grace period of six months before they processed my loan for repayment. If I let them process it early, I'd start paying them back a month early yet they'd take a percentage point off my interest. It sounded fishy to me, so I told her I really didn't want it. I checked my address again before I got off the phone, and she read me back the correct address.

I spoke with my parents afterwards, who thought the plan seemed kosher. My father has worked for finacial insitutions his entire life, so I really respected his opinion and called them back a few days later. A percentage point WOULD mean less money to pay...

I speak to a man who changes my loan repayment and allows it to be processed early. "Just so we're clear," he says AFTER he had okayed the loan to be processed, "the percentage doesn't come off until after 32 months of on-time payments." WHAT? You lying cheating fuckers! I had asked before if I needed to repay in any special way to qualify for the precentage point off, and the woman earlier had said no. Now I'm angry because I let them process my loan early, and that they didn't tell me about this requirement before I did it or in any written way. Before he hurried me off the phone, I made sure they had the correct address again, just in case. He read me back the right address and I figured, fine, at least THAT'S taken care of.

Two days ago, I recieved another important letter from Sallie Mae. It had been sent to my old address and was a few days late. Fuck. Enraged, I called their help hotline to get it sorted out AGAIN. How can they keep fucking up my address? I changed it in JULY, checked it TWICE in August and they still don't have it right by OCTOBER?

The man who helped me couldn't see anything wrong. He said the ONLY address they had was my new one, which is bullshit because they keep sending it to my old one. He told me his computer said my info was changed in July. No shit, then send it to the right place! I explained that I really wanted to know what was going on, because if they sent out something really important and I missed it because it went to the wrong address, it would be MY fault and responsiblity, not theirs. If I missed a repayment because their letter was in mail limbo somewhere, I was the one fucked. The postal service won't forward your mail forever.

He just kept telling me that the address was right in the computer and that it must have been a "mailing error". How is that possible, if you claim the only address you have on file is my new one? I asked to speak to his supervisor.

His supervisor was less than helpful. He seemed annoyed that I had elevated the call since it was "only about my address". Hey, maybe I'm crazy, but I see a problem with important loan information not being sent to the right house! He told me the only address they had was my new one, and that no other address was on file. He said it must be "computer error" that it kept getting sent wrong, and that he had no "button to click" to further change it. Frustrated, I asked if there was ANY WAY to ensure that my mail got to the right address.

"Well," he said, "we're sending you loan repayment information since your repayment date is coming up. Why don't you see if they letter gets there?".

That's your solution? Have me just WAIT and SEE if a letter RANDOMLY gets to me properly? Fuck you buddy, fuck you.

Is it too much to ask that they even get my ADDRESS CORRECT?! How hard could that possibly be? Whose fault is it? "Mail error"? "Computer error"? It's driving me absolutely crazy.

If they can't even get my ADDRESS right, and they lie about repayment information, then I'm sure the next fifteen years of my life of giving them money will be an absolute joy.
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