Amanda (x__shameless) wrote in bad_service,

So, I had been relatively sick since Thursday night. Woke up Friday, had an insanely high fever, chills, neck/chest/back ache, couldn't keep any food down, etc. Because of past experiences, my mother believes that all doctors are lying bastards that are out to kill us all and therefore put off taking me to a hospital until the last minute, aka Sunday, because I was crying and shaking and pretty much dying so she HAD to take me, before I, you know, died.

Being sunday, of course, pretty much every clinic around here was closed, so I got taken to the walgreens clinic because a)everywhere else was closed and b) my father is a cheap ass hobo. We walk in, the lady takes one look at me, and says "go to the emergency room." Which is understandable because, what the hell, I look like a zombie. She probably thought I was going to tear her arm off and eat it.

So I cry and moan and bitch some more and my dad finally relents and takes me to the emergency room. There was maybe 2 other people there, should have been a quick diagnoses.

NOPE. Idiots lose my chart, so I'm waiting roughly two hours because they actually FORGOT about me, since technically I wasn't even there. Ends up my doctor takes my chart to look it over, and then gets caught up with another patient and then just loses the chart. So I'm sitting in the little room curled up in a ball in one of those little paper gowns that are just oh so sexy, and it's like 20 degrees in this room. My doctor finally comes in and completely disregards everything that I say, asking me the same question over and over again

Doctor dude: "how many times have you thrown up today?"
Me: "Um... just one time!"
Doctor dude: "Oh, okay... and how many times have you thrown up today?"

So anyway, I get some chest xrays done, and then proceed to wait in my room for ANOTHER TWO HOURS. I was honestly the only person in the emergency room, there was one other guy that kept walking around aimlessly that kind of creeped me out. I asked one of the nurses that I flagged down for some water because my throat was about to explode and it took about 30 minutes for her to remember. Then the stupid fucking oxygen level monitor FINGER THING kept falling off and beeping like it was on crack and making my head throb. And I finally took off my blood pressure monitor thing because everytime it checked my blood pressure it was cutting marks into my arm. So it was beeping really loud and basically saying I had no blood pressure/was dead and NOBODY came to check up on me, haha.

Doctor forgets about me again.

So yeah. I was in the emergency room for 7 hours total. When the nurse was filling out my paperwork afterwards she was all condescending and shit, she said "WELL if you didn't tell us you had trouble breathing you could have went into the other ward and been in and out in an hour!" WTF LADY, I never said I had trouble breathing! Crazy ho. I was all "uh, well, if you couldn't breath wouldn't you get seen FASTER!?" But she just laughed.

I've never been to an emergency room before so maybe this is how it is ALL THE TIME, or maybe I'm just a whiny bitch, but it was horrible. I also think they misdiagnosed me because he said my xrays were fine, but then said I have bronchitis? And I thought bronchitis is when you have trouble breathing and stuff and I'M BREATHING JUST FINE.

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