Sailor Vivi (sailorvivi) wrote in bad_service,
Sailor Vivi

New here!

Greetings all, I hail from the co workers suck and customers suck LJ's! This is the perfect LJ because no offense to those who wait tables, I have definitely had my share of stuppid rude, obnoxious service and working in a place heavily relying on customer service myself I guess it makes me a little easier to catch stuff like that.

I've in short, had waiters(esses) slide their armpit across my burger as i pick it up to take a bite, had my order done the opposite way because I didn't want to sit next to the toilets (which smelled like they hadn't been cleaned in months), a waitress who kept mistaking TUNA for CHICKEN threeeeee times! It doesn't even sound alike.. ::sweatdrop::

Well I have a story for tonight as well. My co-worker friends and I went out to Applebees and we order our food. The gal is a cute lil tiny thing and had a sweet personality, but her service stank. First, she asked us if we wanted anything (before our food came out) a few people ask for refills. Took..5 - 10 minutes, usually they dun take long to get anything out unless they are swamped. They weren't at that point but the graduation crowd came in toward the end of our meal. Anyway, so when our food comes out, only half of the table gets their orders and its from some man who looks like the store manager (o.o) and then about 4 minutes later the girl brings the other half. The food is right and good and all that. One girl ordered a sirloin and asked for A-1 and it took her another forever to bring it out to us and a few times we spotted her flirting at this other table full of college grad guys. ::eye roll:: Then by the time she came around again everyones drinks was empty and everyone wanted more. Well she took my moms whole glass and forgot to bring back a straw so mom asks for a new one. Sure the girl says and this time she brings it back reasonably fast, but heres the kicker.. she plunked it down in her drink practically dipping her fingers in it as she does this, making our entire table just gape in disbelief. I caught her as she went past again and asked for another straw, and when she came by I took it from her for she could plunk my drink and handed to my mom. Of course everyones grinning at my decisive action but hey, she wants a CLEAN straw without fingers thats been who knows where in her drink. I mean.. wouldn't you feel the same way? Our whole table seemed to feel the same about it. Fortunately despite the lacking service, we did have a good time eating out and Applebee's food is good. I had the oriental chicken rollups. Yum.

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