Shanon (melacynthe) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Telemarketers

Every day, multiple times a day, usually in the morning when I'm still trying to be asleep, for the last 3 or 4 months...
We get calls from some company (that never gives its name) wanting to extend the warranty on the truck
We always press "2" to be removed from the list.
I've spoken to reps several times now. The truck they're calling about was traded in just before their calls started.
The new truck came with a very nice built in warranty that was extended by the dealership as part of hte incentive for buying outright and paying it all in cash
I've explained to these people before that A) It doesn't matter what you're selling, if the phone wakes me up I'm not going to buy even if its something I'm interested in.
B) There is no need for a new warranty and no interest in extending the warranty any time soon.
C) Not interested. Not interested. Not interested.
I understand its part of the job to be pushy (I did telemarketing once, it made me feel dirty, lol. At least when I did collections I had a RIGHT to call people, they'd welched on a debt!)
But "NO" really does mean no, I promise. Especially if you wake me up. Especially if you're trying to bully me. Especially if its something I have no need of or interest in.
Hello, you're calling and interrupting my SLEEP, you've no right to get bitchy and rude at me for not wanting to listen to something thats already been rejected a few dozen times.
I, however, have every right to get bitchy and possibly even rude when you've already been asked dozens of times to remove the number from the list
And don't ever EVER tell me "You don't know what you're talking about"

Though I did think it was adorable when instead of giving me a supervisor as I requested, you shunted me to a recording about how to get onto the national DO NOT CALL list... which I'd forgotten I was already on.

Registered the new number on the list, maybe tha'll get rid of these cockroaches. They're vicious!

The old house burnt down last November... since then there've been calls from all these mortgage companies, glass repair/replacement places, siding places... wanting to do work on the old house.
The new one was basically a pre-fab that was brought out adn assembled. Its fully paid. The owners of the house are in their 60+'s, no... they don't want a 40 yr mortgage on the house thats already paid off.
I understand the mortgage market is getting desperate, but please... the pathetic is showing!!!

I should register my great aunt's number for her... the day her husband's obituary went into the papers she started getting all these calls from businesses and companies...
I don't even know what all... except there's one rude indian sounding guy insisting that she has to let his company handle her finances for her now that her husband is gone
(She's always handled their finances, and they've had all the arrangements made since he was diagnosed terminal with colon cancer a year ago. The only worry she has now is figuring out how to go on without him.)
but the guy has been downright rude and belligerent about it.

Really, does that ever worked? Do these people actually manage to bully others into signing up/buying/whatever their product?
It got so bad she spent a month visiting family out of state, just to get away from the phone.

I'm going back to bed now. (BTW when I bitch about the phone waking me up, the appropriate response is NOT to tell me what time it is, I know I sleep late. sometimes until past noon *gasp*, I also don't often go to bed before about 4am, sometimes not until 6 or 7am. For me to be asleep at 930am is like calling a normal person at 3am. The correct response is to apologize and pretend to mean it. Gah, idiots)

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