Ella (ellytoad) wrote in bad_service,

I assume that taking college classes counts as a business transaction, in that we as students are buying the service of the teachers for our education. In that light, I also assume that it is not unreasonable to expect my money's worth, especially as the classes themselves cost hundreds of dollars apiece.
And therein lies my complaint. Maybe students are looked down on and are not deemed worthy of the respect that a consumer deserves, but I wish my teachers would at least be more efficient in the matter of emails.
This is a laughably small rant but one that fills me with a mixture of frustration and helpless amusement. I swear the teachers at my technical college only check their email inboxes two days a week, the days I have classes with them, to be exact. In my current case, that would be Monday and Wednesday. On Thursday I sent my teacher in one class an email about frustrations that I've been having, from not being able to hear her voice to not being able to see the writing on the board without having to stand up (computer classroom; weird seating arrangement). And it's Sunday now, and there is no reply to speak of.
And these are the same teachers who tell you to keep your eye on your own inbox EVERY DAY just in case you get an important message from them.

(irrational heated rant mode)
Now, since this is "school" after all, there is no manager or higher up that I can conceivably complain to without looking like a pathetic whining student, apart from the midterm teacher reviews which I severely doubt would do anything anyway. It's like voting, in that it gives you the illusion that your input matters in the long run. The teachers will always have an excuse up their sleeves. And you're just a lowly someone who wouldn't know shit from crap unless it were taught to you via a bachelor's degree study program. Nope, give up.
(end irrational heated rant mode )
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