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long rant about Fuji

Howdy.  I've watched this comm for a while but this is my first post.  This isn't anything specific, but I wanted to post about it so you know about it next time you want to develop pictures.  (Sorry, kinda long and rambling; I used a quasi-outline format in hopes it would be easier to read.)

For a year I worked in the photo lab of a Wal-Mart.  We had the one-hour service in the store, and a two-day service, where we sent out our customers' film to a FujiFilm factory in a nearby town where they mass developed film from a bunch of stores, and then shipped back to us in the form of photos.  (If other places like Walgreens sends film out to Fuji I don't know; I only know about Wal-Mart... I don't even know if Walgreens has a send out service...)

List of reasons why Fuji sucks:

1)  They lost film so much it wasn't funny.  We had film lost practically every week, and almost every day we would have to call them to try to track down someone's pictures (a lot of the time it was also because Fuji was taking longer than it was supposed to to develop the pictures for whatever reason... another suck... so we'd just have to say, sorry, come back tomorrow).

+ Sometimes they would ship it out to an entirely different store and we would have to send out flyers to all the different stores telling them to look for it and ship it back to us.

+ Sometimes they would lose it within the factory and we would have to fill out and send them a form describing what was on the photos and wait until they found it (apparently they had a huge pile of loose film just sitting around?).

+ And sometimes they just lost it I guess in transit and it effectively vanished off the face of the planet (our records showed that we sent it out, and we would usually remember sending it to them, but their computers say they never got it, or vice versa where they said they sent it to us but we never got it).

+ The weird thing was that they had a tendency to lose multiple rolls of a particular customer (like if one lady sent in six rolls, two would come back and it would take us a month to get the other four from Fuji) despite the fact that as far as I know the names on the envelopes didn't matter at all during the development process.

2) The quality of their work was crap.

+ Yes, it is a cheap service and I know you get what you pay for, but after dealing with it for a year it was painfully obvious to me that they couldn't care less about the quality.  Not just in terms of the material they use, but in the actual work done.  It was clear they took no pride in doing a good (or even acceptable) job.  (And actually sometimes, like for APS film, it cost just as much or even more than our one-hour service, but would be crappier and slower.)

+ For one, they never adjusted photos.  So you could get back an entire roll that was too dark, and I would run the film through my machines and lighten it (a process that took a whole 30 seconds) and the photos would come out perfectly fine.

+ They would also just toss the envelopes into a bag when they were done, so by the time we got it it was all beat up.  More than a few times we would have to either send someone's pictures back the factory or just redo it in our lab because their photos were all bent in half.

+ Sometimes the photos would come back looking like rabbits had been chewing on the edges.  Seriously, if your printer is spitting out chewed up paper, fix it, and remake the photos!  Even I knew that.

+ Even their "specialty" stuff often came back crappy.  My manager ordered one of their laser glass products for a picture of her cousin who had just been killed in a car accident, and it came back with the picture totally crooked (about 30 degrees off kilter   :P).  She was as fed up as I with Fuji, so she knew it wasn't going to get fixed, so she just wrote on the box "unacceptable quality" and sent it back to them.

+Also everything here applies to digital pictures (the Fuji digital two-day kiosk sends your order to the same factory that the film goes to).  Except it was harder (read: nigh impossible) to track the digital ones, because the order number that prints out on the receipt is NOT the actual number that is in their system and on the invoice we get with the shipments.  That would make too much sense   *rolls eyes*

3)  Their customer service was nonexistant.  If you could actually reach a live person in customer service, they were apathetic and often useless.  The automated system was usually more helpful; not to mention less rude.

+Also Fuji refuses to take any kind of responsibility for their mistakes: they would never discount orders they screwed up or do anything to try to replace/make up for the ones they lost.  So it was always Wal-Mart (and thus me and my coworkers) that would take the loss in these cases.  When we knocked down the price 'cause it was late or poor quality, or when we gave the customer free film for lost photos (lame, I know, but the only thing we could do after apologizing out the ass) it came out of our profits.

And that's not even mentioning their tech help line (the machines in our lab were Fuji).  Oh god the memories... they burn!

One reason why I'm filled with so much rage towards Fuji isn't just because of how shitty everything they do is, but because as the middleman, *I* would be screamed at and bitched at by all the customers who had lost/late/messed up photos.  And Fuji never apologized.  They'd just be like, "Oh I don't have that order number in my computer.  It must have gotten lost. *repeat ad naseum*"  And I would die inside because then it was time for me to deliver the message and get my ass chewed off because FUJI screwed up.  I'm not saying the customers shouldn't be pissed off... I would be... but Fuji could at least act a little sorry that I had to deal with and fix their mistakes.  Instead they acted like I was inconveniencing them every time I called to try to get stuff sorted out.

And sadly Wal-Mart doesn't give a shit, as long as it's cheap, so they won't be switching any time soon.

It might not sound so bad as you read it, but mind it was just how consistent the bad service was that got to me (every... effing... day... *twitch twitch*).  I have plenty of specific stories of how they totally f-ed shit up, but too many to start listing; that's how bad they were.  Some of you might have stories relating to this....  It just got to the point where I would cringe every time I saw someone dropping off film in the Fuji bin.  So keep in mind if you go to Wal-Mart and use the two-day service there is a VERY GOOD chance you will never see those photos again.  And if you do they will probably be crap.

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